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Easy method to book Xiaomi Smartphones

Have you tried to book Xiaomi smartphones (MI3 and Redmi 1S) and got tired? Yes, same pinch buddies. I have tried and still trying to book Xiaomi smartphones. During every sale, some of my friends will call and ask me to get one mobile for them. Getting a Xiaomi smartphones is not an easy task. Even, for booking Tatkal tickets in IRCTC we will get some minutes. But, these Xiaomi phones won’t stand for 5 seconds.

Let me share my personal experience. My close friend Kumaresan asked me to book one Redmi 1S phone for him. I registered for sale. Sale opens on every Tuesday at 2 PM in Flipkart. I have logged in to Flipkart and opened the Redmi 1S page. There was a countdown going on. I was all set to click BUY NOW once the countdown comes to an end.






BUY NOW (Appeared once countdown comes to 0)

(I clicked immediately)

Out of Stock.

Very irritating know. But, it was interesting. I felt like seeing my exam results. Just imagine the you entered you register number and submitted. It is loading… loading… loading… You will have some thrill na, same feeling here.

But, there is a way to bypass this thrill. I have tried this method and booked one Redmi 1S in last sale. Here is a simple way to get hold of your favourite Xiaomi Mobile using Chrome extension.

  • Ensure that you have registered on Flipkart for the Mi3 or Redmi sale beforehand so that you are eligible for the purchase. The registration link for Mi3 can be found here and for Redmi 1S can be found here.
  • Install “Compare Hatke” from from the link given here.
  • Subscribe to Xiaomi Mi3 or Redmi 1S alert from our extension options page here. You can also access it by right clicking on the Buyhatke logo in your Chrome bar and clicking on options.Capturemi
  • Ensure that you have the Chrome browser open and you are logged in into Flipkart with a good internet connection at least 5 minutes before the sale time
  • The extension should not be in the disabled state at that time. The Chrome extension would open a new tab of Xiaomi Mi3 or Redmi 1S product page where it would add the product into the cart when the sale starts.
  • Do not close that tab. In case you accidentally close it, open it by clicking here.
  • If the booking is successful, you would be getting the mobile in your cart after 5 minutes. Go ahead, purchase it and feel proud to be successful among the 1 lakh people who have registered.

Hope this article will be useful for you. Keep sharing it is useful. Thanks !

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