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Officially Started

Officially Started

wait, why can’t I have my own blog?

There is a saying, “Internet Shrinks the world”. Ofcourse, that’s right. Now-a-days all are walking, talking, eating, sleeping, playing,shopping,peeing etc., in internet and not on the mother earth. From infant to great grand parents all are using internet daily (at least in cities). Being an system engineer, I browse and troubleshoot hundreds of sites daily.

While doing such, I had a thought “wait, why can’t I have my own blog?”. So, this blog is the answer for that question. You may ask me, “what are you gonna post in this blog dude? Huh”. I really don’t know what I am going to post in this blog. I will post anything that strikes my mind. Technical articles, tutorials, reviews, politics, sports, achievements or what ever that hits my crazy brain.

So, stay tuned for more articles. Meet you soon!

About The Author

It's me, Nivas Baskaran , a product of the 90's living in Bangalore. This is my personal blog and I'm here to post some cool stuffs. I love spending time with my Friends. Jovial in nature. I love Tea/Coffees. Ping me to know more about me :P

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