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Xplorer Intro

Xplorer Intro

Xplorer, a science fiction novel (தமிழ்).

I am not a guy who read books/novels. I don’t even read news paper for atleast 5 minutes. If I do, you can see me sleeping like anything. May be learned from school/college ? It was boring a few days back and no one was there for company.  I was lying on my bed and started thinking something. Many random visuals circled my head at that time. This story poped out from my crazy mind at that time.

I started writing this as chapter wise whenever I get time. You can see this entire story being published in my blog step by step. I hope you will enjoy this story.

All characters and incidents in this story are fiction. Nothing in this story are proved.

About The Author

It's me, Nivas Baskaran , a product of the 90's living in Bangalore. This is my personal blog and I'm here to post some cool stuffs. I love spending time with my Friends. Jovial in nature. I love Tea/Coffees. Ping me to know more about me :P

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